All in one Electronics Lab Part 2

I found quite a bit of stuff for the build in that I already had in stock. I found my Saleae Logic Analyzer, Function Generator, Frequency Counter and some Panel Meters.

I modified the Function Generator by putting the Tact Switch and Variable Cap on the back of the Board and added some right angle Headers on the rear as well.

I started to populate the front Bezel with Switches, Banana and BNC connectors. The round Button locations from the old Receiver layout is too big for the Banana jacks I want to use however I have some bigger diameters ones but not in the Colors I want. So I’ll have to buy some the correct size and color scheme.

I’m figuring out how to breakout the Raspberry Pi GPIO Headers and have access to the front of the unit for it. I would hate to cut into the nice Aluminum Bezel since with my luck it will look jacked up if I cut into it. Times like this I wish I had a 3D Printer.

I cracked open the Laptop LCD to remove the Webcam and WiFi Antennas, I think I ordered the wrong LVDS board. The LCD is LED backlit and the Board I ordered is for CFL Backlit. I think I can still use it and bypass the CFL driver and use one of the Power Rails to power the LED back light. If not then I’ll return the LVDS board and get the proper one.


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