Portable Electronics Lab (Part 1)

I have started rounding up Parts from my junk pile to start on this project. I got a Chassis from an Intrega AVR that will house everything. The Front Panel so far seems perfect for all of the Buttons, Switches and Jacks. Not to mention the Rear has many more. Somewhere I have a 10k Concentric POT that should work great for the Voltage and Current setting that can reside with the old Volume Knob location.

I found a Transformer that went to an Intercom, has dual Output Secondaries at 16.5 Volts at 39 VA each, probably around 2.5 Amps. A couple of Full Bridge Rectifiers and a couple of Mallory 4500uF 50VDC Filter Caps. After Rectification it will be around 24 Volts DC. This way the Bench Supply has it’s own Secondary and the other set will be for everything else. I’ll just use a couple Buck Converters to get 5 Volts and 12 Volts. I might have to still use a dedicated 5 – 12 Volt supply and just use the other 24 Volt output for the Solder Station.

I found a Raspberry Pi 3+ that will be the Computer System. To access the USB, HDMI, Audio and Ethernet I’ll just get some extension cables and put the Connections on the Rear. For access to the GPIO I’ll probably use a Ribbon Cable and bring it to the Front. For the Video Display I have an old Toshiba Laptop that I could attempt to use that Display Panel and one of these LVDS Boards and maybe mount the LCD to the top of the Case, either rig up the old LCD Hinge or use a Piano Hinge. The LVDS kit I found does VGA so I’ll need to find one that can output HDMI. However before I do that I need to see if that LCD Display Panel is even a LVDS.

As usually I don’t have all of the Parts and have to order the odds and ends. The most expensive part is going to be the Hantek USB Scope. Might look into the OWON version, dunno if it works in Linux.

I just need to continue digging out my junk pile on what I can toss into this.


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