This is kicking my butt (New Server)

So I spent almost my whole Saturday trying to get pfSense running. I kept running into issues.

First issue was getting Proxmox to do PCI Pass-through. Figured out I had to add a line of code to the Grub Bootloader config to make IOMMU enabled. I was still running into issues and found out I had to enable the VT-d option in the BIOS. Finally got the VM to accept the pass-through but pfSense wouldn’t detect the four port NIC I pulled from the old pfSense Box and installed into the Server. I noticed when I selected the ports in Proxmox it would turn around and just use the PCI hardware address. I also noticed it would list the same address twice. The card resides at
Proxmox was only listing them as 05:00 and 07:00 so I manually edited the VM config file and Proxmox finally was using the correct addresses but no change. pfSense wouldn’t detect them. I read a bunch of Threads and Guides but it seems people only want to pass the GPU instead of other cards.

In the end I couldn’t get it to work and by then the Family was getting fed up because they had no Internet so I had to put the old pfSense Box back together.

I went on eBay and found a Quad Port PCI-E 4x Intel Pro/1000 ET card for 50 bucks. The one from the current pfSense Box is the same type of card but it’s the VT variant and those attend to have issues with FreeBSD/pfSense. Maybe that is the issue I am having with the Server trying to pass it through.

VMDqYes (4/port)
IPsec OffloadYes
Intel Pro\1000 ET
VMDqYes (4/port)
IPsec OffloadNo
Intel Pro\1000 VT

The ET has a couple more options that help for VM systems.


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