RGB LED Control

As a Christmas Present from the Wife she had bought me a couple of packs of the Monster Smart IlluminEsscene LED Lights. Since I am trying to get everything out of the Cloud for the Home Automation I tried to put Tasmota on them but the later revisions such as what I have uses a different non-compatible Controller. So for giggles I opened one of the Controllers up to see if I can manually upload the Firmware but nope, completely different Hardware. So I removed the strain from the Controller and found it just uses 5 Volts and to select a color it just grounds out the other pins to make the LEDs illuminate whatever color.

So to make this work I just have to replace the Micro Controller with a ESP8266 type. Looking at the Template from the older model it uses PWM to drive it. Dunno if I can desolder the old Module and just pop on a ESP. The Module that is on there is a RealTek based Tuya WR3. I’ll have to compare the pins.


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