Cheap Video Game made better

I was at Dollar General and at the checkout I saw one of those cheap Arcade Ms Pac-man Games that takes batteries and connects to a TV via RCA plugs. I bought it and when I got home I hooked it up and the Kids and I took turns and we noticed how bad the Joystick was. I cracked it open and it uses the typical membrane buttons. I decided to Modify it and went searching for a GamePad but found my old NES Advantage Joystick. Long story short I modified it and crammed the game board in.

I cut the traces to the buttons on the NES Joystick PCB then used WireWrap Wire and connected it to the Arcade Game Board button pads. To save on space I decided to use a 7805 Voltage Regulator, a 1n4007 Diode and a 9V battery connector to make it run off of 9 Volts. The Arcade Board states 4.5 Volts so the Diode will drop the 5 Volts around the ballpark voltage.

Works 100 % better. I mapped the A, B and start buttons as the same on the Arcade Board and modified the 1/2 Player select switch to be the ON/OFF switch. The buttons that I didn’t map I just super glued them.

Now I just have to pop in a 9 Volt and challenge the Kids.


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