Alarm System Upgrades

I have a Honeywell Vista 20p for my Alarm System, It’s a great panel. My Boss gave me a Tuxedo Touch Keypad and I have that at the Front Door. It replaced my 6160 Full English pad. In the Master I have a 6150RF Pad and it isn’t full English. I have 15 Zones and the 6150RF only displays the Zone number unlike my 6160 that I programmed to tell me the Zone Name. The 6150RF is the RF brain of the system and for some reason Honeywell didn’t include RF with the Tuxedo Touch. To make the switch’a’ru in the Master I have two choices. Replace the Keypad with a 6160RF or install a 5881ENM that can do the RF portion of the System. Well luck would have it I have an 5881ENM and will install it. However I need to install it in the open because I don’t want any distance issues. Surprisingly I haven’t ran into that with the RF Keypad in the Master. The 5881ENM is a 16 zone Wireless Receiver and ties into the ECP Bus on the Vista board.

Since I have this system Monitored with the Company I work for I can easily put it into Test Mode for a few hours and do the install. If I was a typical end user and attempted this and couldn’t put the System into Test Mode I would have to totally power down the System and get a few automated phone calls informing me the system was off.

Programming isn’t needed, it’s plug and play and the Wireless Sensors info are stored in the Panel rather then the Keypad. This will probably be a quick project for tomorrow.

Speaking for tomorrow I’m going to do some attic crawling and install some CAT5e Ethernet in four Bedrooms and if time permits install an additional Camera or two.


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