Wire Splicing

At work we attend to have arguments on Splicing Wires and Cables. We’re issued with a wide assortment of ways to terminate Wires and Cables however the Boss always wants us to use Beanies. “just use Beanies on that Dataline”….


They have little sharp bits of metal inside that grips the conductor. They claim you don’t have to strip the Wire but honestly strip, twist, insert then crimp.

I honestly splice correctly. For a example when I have to Splice in a CAT5e or CAT6 cable I will use RJ45s and a coupler. A Keystone insert works as well. Other Techs will just use the Beanies and call it a finished job but I’m the one that always gets the Service Calls and have to fix it. The only time I use Beanies is for installing Security Panels, Access Control Systems and Power Leads to CCTV. Everything else that requires conductor to conductor twisting together I use the old school Western Union Telco splice.

A hundred year old splice that even NASA adopted. If it’s good enough for NASA to use then it should be good enough for a typical splice. If conduit is involved I’ll even Solder it and heat shrink it. I typically use Electrical Tape or Heat Shrink for everything else. You don’t have to solder the joint but for outdoor use I would, it helps protect the conductor from corrosion. The typical twisting the two ends together is fine but it is a weak splice. If you don’t believe me then try it. You’ll see the Western Union Splice will be very hard to pull apart.

Plenty of times I have came behind AT&T installers that use this crap for their splices and I just replace it with proper RJ45s.

IDC Connectors

Those IDC connectors may work fine for Security Panels and Telco Lines but not 1Gbit Data Connections. A few times I’ve had customers tell me their Internet is faster after terminating it correctly.


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