Showing the new guy the ropes

At work the Boss hired a kid straight out of high school. His job role is to be a “helper” or what we attend to call a “gopher”. The two times the Boss sent him on two of my Jobs and I have noticed the other Techs haven’t shown him crap, he’s been there for Two Weeks and knows nothing other then lifting a TV. Granted he is a “Helper” but you can’t help much if you don’t know anything. Not to mention he is loaded with a crap load of questions. So today I had him for the day as my helper and I showed him quite a lot. He can Mount TVs and install Cameras like a Pro. I’m also planning to go through my Tools and sort out my extras and might have a small Tool Bag for him to use because I found out he doesn’t have any. This way he will have Tools to use until he gets his own. It’s nice to see someone wanting to work instead of someone just showing up for a check.


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