Long term review of Multiseat Thin Client

This little magic box is pretty damn sweet.

I have been using one of these since the day I got it in the mail. Works as if I have another system. Has it’s own Audio, USB, PS/2 and VGA.

I have used Netflix and YouTube streaming with out any issues.

The only issue I have had with this was setting it up for the first time. But after figuring out what hardware to push over to Seat1 it works great.

I’ve been using a USB3 port and haven’t tried it on a USB2 and best to my knowledge it is compatible with USB2.0.

So if you’re wanting a “second system” I would give one of these a try first. Your mileage my vary depending on the Hardware like RAM and CPU power and it doesn’t play 3D games very well. I tried Left 4 Dead 2 and its choppy as heck at a whooping 1FPS. Works fine for Software rendered games such as Doom and Quake.


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