Old School Terminal – Part 5 (Progress)

I spent a good three hours soldering up the Keyboard Matrix.

1N4148 Diodes on every Keyswitch for the Rows and Magnet wire with some scrap wire sheathing as an added isolator for the Columns. I even went above and beyond and ripped off the old PCB tracks using a razor knife.

Tomorrow or should I say later today since now it is Sunday I will attempt to build an Arduino Breakout board and try modifying the sketch I found for the RP2014. Things are getting tight inside the Keyboard section of the case. I think I can fit an Atmel ATMega 328 on the left side of the Keyboard tray.

I’ve started to breadboard the Power Supply. I only need +5V and +3.3V but I will toss in a +12V rail for Future use. For the main power source I’m just going to use an old Laptop Power Supply. I might just skip the previous idea of the Power Supply and just use three Buck Converters with the Laptop Power Supply.

To save time I’ll just use the ASCII Terminal Board I built a while back instead of building a new one. This way I can have an option to plug in a VGA Monitor and PS/2 Keyboard.

For giggles I’m going to toss in a small Speaker for Beep functions.

I have also started on the rear Panel. I removed the IEC, Power Switch and Fuse assembly and put on two 9Pin Male D-sub ports and Two Power Switches. Having two power switches is a nice touch, this way I have have the Monitor off to avoid CRT Burn when the system isn’t in use.


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