Restore a Electric Guitar

I use to play the Guitar in my younger years. Mostly Metal, anywhere from Led Zeppelin to Cannibal Corpse. Can’t read sheet music to save my life but I could pick it up by ear and 95% of the time have perfect timing.

Anyway, I have here a Ibanez GAX75 that I have had since I was 16 or 17. I’ve rebuilt it before probably 10 or so years ago but now it needs some love again.

I stripped out the pickups and such. Cleaned up the fret board and used some Bondo Glazing & Spot Putty to fill in deep scratches, voids and as a final layer to cover up some filled in screw holes.

I’ve polished up all of the hardware and even ordered a new set of Active Pickups. I might turn around and order some Seymour Duncan Blackouts.

I plan to repaint the body. It use to be Gun Metal then painted Red that some how over time turned to a Purplish Red after it cured. So I’ll going to paint it Black. The end result will have some Red and Chrome hardware. Debating to make a Pickguard for it and it would be a Red metallic/pearl pattern.


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