Modular Power Supply Progress 3

As much as I would love to use Motorized Potentiometers for this build but I can only find Audio Taper styles.

For giggles I’ve been trying to figure out a way to use a small Stepper Motor or Servo to direct drive a 10 turn Potentiometer then I realized I wouldn’t have manual control. I then thought about using a Rotary Encoder and a Digital Potentiometer IC or PWM but that is a lot of code.

I also tried to design a full digital Power Supply module and it seems promising. Use the Arduino’s DAC to drive an LM358 Operational Amplifier with some beefy Power Transistors for a Series Pass.

This weekend if I get some free time I’ll try out prototyping the Digital Power Supply Module.

I thought of a simple way to switch the Analog Video. A 74HC4016 will work nicely. I also found an 10 Inch LCD in a Junk Box that will do the trick for the Video Display.

If I do decided to use the full Digital Power Supply I can still order the Power Supply Regulator boards, still cheaper to buy those then to buy the parts in bulk.


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