Turning a single PC to host many Users

You’re probably thinking of a Virtual Machine Server. Guess what, you’re wrong.

It’s more of a single PC with Multiple Users sharing in realtime. Multiple Monitors, Keyboards and Mice on one System. The proper term is called Multiseat.

Back in the day this was done by loading up your PC with Multiple Video Cards and USB Hubs then fight X11 in Linux to use it. Since times have changed over the years there is a magical box HP has that is a Multiseat Thin Client. It connects to the Host system via USB then you connect up a Monitor and HID devices to the Thin Client. You can also have Audio if you wish as well. The older Multiseat 100 and 150 models go for peanuts on eBay. Sadly these Models only support PS\2 HID devices but with the proper software such as EasySeats you can use USB devices as well. You could also use a dedicated Video Card as well and skip the Thin Client. I only brought up the Thin Client route since it is cheaper to do unless you already have a PC with multiple Video Cards. Not to mention a lot of people don’t sport a full blown Desktop and have a Laptop at best.

I got five of the HP 150 Multiseat Thin Clients and plan to use two of them. One for the second Electronics Workbench and the other for the Master Bedroom that is on the other side of the Garage wall.


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