Onkyo TX-NR676 Repair

I was given an Onkyo TX-NR676 Audio/Video Receiver from work. It was installed in a Home and a week later it died so it was swapped out then took said receiver back to ADI for repair. We got it back in a few weeks later then used it for another install and the next day it died again. So it sat in the warehouse and was set for trash but I was able to bring it home.

I took the case cover off to see anything obvious screwed up and saw nothing. I powered it on and heard the main Relay click on then the error NG: LCRSLSRBLBR meaning all of the channels are in protect mode. Onkyo doesn’t like sharing their repair tips but if you have dealt with Onkyo as much as I have you attend to write down everything they tell you over the phone. So the first thing I did was hold in ENTER and STANDBY, this will clear the NG: ERROR and makes it do a Diag Test. Sure enough this time around I got NG: BLBR. I then took the whole thing apart and under a bright light and magnifier I found a crack in the PCB that caused three traces to break. Lucky me Onkyo uses a single sided PCB and I was able to repair it. Put it back together again and cleared the NG code and with out any speakers connected it finished the Diag Test with “Check speaker wire” meaning it passed and saw no speakers hooked up. I then powered it off then back on and everything looks fine. I went ahead and did a factory reset by holding CBL/SAT and Standby showing “Clear”.

I called the Boss and told him I fixed it but he told me “Merry Christmas” so now I got myself a sweet Receiver for the Garage. I already have an Onkyo in the Living Room from the last one I repaired.


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