Tackling a dirty DVR

A few months ago I replaced a Security Camera DVR for a Self Storage facility. The DVR had been there for five years and it looks like with the amount of dust in it a 100 years.

After spraying it down with the Air Compressor I swapped out the Fans in the Power Supply and Chassis Fan.

The Power Supply doesn’t work however it uses a 20 pin ATX Computer Power Supply. After I powered it on I reformatted the 500GB Hard Drive and tried to find the Manual and possible Firmware Update. All I can find is the User Manual for the DVR.

Here is some info about the DVR.
Year Code Date: 2007
Make: GEN IV Technology
Model: G4-RTA12X
Four IDE Channels for Two Drives Each Channel
Hard Drive: Seagate 500GB IDE Hard Drive
Optical: LG DVD+RW GSA-H42N
Number of Channels: 12
Output Video: Analog and VGA

It looks like a Dahua Interface for the GUI so I might be able to use iVMS-4200.

The Power supply I have hooked up is way too big so I need to find a smaller one or some how fix the old one. I also want to desolder the damn buzzer whenever I push a button on the front panel. See if I can use an IDE to Compact Flash Adapter and use it for backing up video rather than the DVD+RW.

For fun I scanned the services and found Telnet was open. The only commands I can access on Telnet is IP Address stuff. I then created an adapter to use RS232 and try running GNU Screen and see if I can access a prompt. All I was able to get was the state of the IDE Controller. It also has a FTP server running but I tried to break in with no luck. There is a JTAG header but I have no idea what pin is what other than Ground and Power.

I thought since this can hold so many drives I could use it as a DVR/NAS system. I’ll ask around for some info and perhaps call Tech Support.


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